[Rant] "This restaurant is NOT friendly towards (insert group)!"

That's what I'm wondering, I've worked retail on the shop floor, server, function musician and generally dealt with a lot of entitled people as a result but the only characteristic involved in a complaint was related to a persons weight. And that's once in over 7 years. I can't help but feel this, and all the comments, are isolated incidents that seem bigger than they are just due to the sheer number of users on reddit and people in service related work. I'd actually say I've seen and heard more racism (at least one instance of it every 3 months if I had to estimate) than complaints relating to characteristics. The most common ilegitimate complaints are about service, which is odd because we keep getting awards for that exact thing. One, or even a few, instances of a shitty person using a protected characteristic in a disingenuous way in the life of a few thousand people =/= unsettling trend. But no one will believe me 'cause they'll look at my post history (and that's why I'd like to speak to YOUR manager).

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