RANT: Why do you stubborn mules have to get physically sick or hurt by the Covid-19 Vaccines to finally get it? Why does EVERYTHING in the universe have to revolve around you? Yet you call us the selfish ones..?

i agree, not 100% of health problems are cause&effect of the vaccine. but there are a list of common adverse reactions that are obviously associated with it. before all this shit, there were never perfectly healthy and active teens & 20s collapsing and dying while playing their favorite sports. children didn't have heart attacks before this inoculation was rolled out. miscarriages were common, but not widespread. people don't get a tetanus shot and have a heart attack or seizures within hours they do with all this bullshit though.

my point was just that if they aren't realizing the connection today, they never will.

will every single heart attack from here on out be blamed on the vax? every miscarriage? every diagnosis of sterility? of course not. if anything the correlation will be downplayed, like it has been. but the fact remains that cancers and all types of illnesses and death have shot through the fucking roof in recent years, and there's only one thing people are doing differently than before...

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