Rant Wednesday

well, by definition depression is a mental disorder so by definition you AREN'T sound of mind.

I think we're gonna stop here. Take your definition and stick it up your ass. I finished an apprenticeship while being depressed, so fuck off with your definition.

Well you should, because that is what is making you feel like shit. It's also something treatable.

Not for everyone. Read about P450 enzymes and you will know why.

awesome, if you enjoyed it why would you want to deprive yourself of the opportunity to do it again.

Because I felt shit, don't you get it? I think you're not quite 'sound of mind'.

but you just said it got better? sure it wasn't permanent, but its not like you got nothing.

I feel worse today than I felt yesterday and the day before. So how exactly did it get better? I shouldn't have done this because it's always the same. Everytime I forced myself to go out I felt worse afterwards.

some, like I said, there are heaps and you just need to find the one that works right

Dude stop this bullshit and educate yourself. I mean it. Apart from my genetic condition you obviously have no clue how pills are supposed to work.

They're no cocaine or MDMA. I talked to other people and at most they just dumb you down emotionally and make you feel tired.

They're no "happy pills". Antidepressants do not make anyone feel better. That's not how they work.

And apart from that I wouldn't even take a "happy pill" if one existed. It's not worth it. I do not want to exist any longer and that's it.

Do you understand? Do you comprehend this?

It's just a matter of days. I'm just looking for the right spot to either hang myself or jump in front of a train. And you know what? Fuck you and fuck the train operator.

I would gladly euthanize myself in a humane way if I could, but society forces one to take drastic measures. And I never blamed 'society' for anything. But this is the truth.

People are too selfish and biased to let you die. "But people love you and will miss you".

Apart from the fact that this isn't true, I just don't care. Earth will still exist tomorrow, even if I'm gone.

I never wanted to be born.

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