I was raped but couldn't prove it. My rapist's friends are now telling people I'm a liar.

As someone who was in a a similar situation, it's hard for me to say it but I think you should fight and maybe find a way to press charges against him. I have struggled for almost 5 years with not being able to put my rapist in jail. You may not. I pray you don't and can move past this and not let him/his friends hurt you any longer but I wouldn't give up. I was drugged by my fiance after a huge argument so my testimony wasn't very good given my memory of that night and the fact that he had sent me a break up text right after (while I was unconscious). Using that text in which he admitted to some terrible things (like cheating and faking love etc.) he made it seem like I was just a scorned ex when I tried to press charges. I tried and I failed. A lawyer wouldn't take me seriously. I couldn't get a restraining order but if you know the truth, fuck everyone else's testimony. Keep going. Get a restraining order if need be. Find the evidence on your rape kit of you had one. Don't let another rapist get away with convincing people he is innocent.

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