[Rapoport] Sources: The #Raiders are signing free agent guard Richie Incognito to a 1-year deal. He’s back in the league after a hiatus, having last played for the #Bills in 2017.

“You’re basically saying no! Let’s no sign him in case we reach the SB and he flakes out like we had with Robbins a million years ago.”

Unless it comes from me, I didn’t say anything at all. You’re focusing on trying to say I’m saying he could fuck up the super bowl if we make it. No, could be any game. Any game that we lose could be the game that we don’t make it. He will automatically bring negativity to the locker room. Yes they are professionals, but ask the brothas in the locker room if they are really happy go lucky with Richie in the locker room as a teammate. There are way better options.

Hopefully your boy does do good and makes the pro bowl and we win the Super Bowl though.

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