The Rare Four Leaf Clover of Drama

And here comes the full scale retardation, to wash way any hope of reddit actually being useful for anything. I've given you the PROFESSORS name, don't fucking talk to me you dumb little queer, go and talk to fucking fucking man PAID by a UNIVERSITY to EDUCATE PHDs. OH you have a degree in horticulture? That's like a fucking noddy badge in big-earedness you fucking twat. Its fantastic how you've allowed a piece of paper to replace your fucking brain. Now, go and find an article written by a real professor with a real degree from a real university, Not a fucking diploma in flower arranging, horticulture, oh my god, wow motherfucker, nice job getting scammed by charlatans and then passing your retardation on to everyone else. Motherfucker I wouldn't wipe my ass with your degree because I wouldn't want to get bullshit all over it. Secondly, PROVE IT FUCKSTAIN. I've just given you the fucking name of the man who defended his entire career on giving out information like i've just passed you, and every single motherfucking thing he's published is available on Pubmed, including the relation between mono and dicots and petal, sepal, and leaf arrangement. You've given me 'I have a degree in X from university Y. University of Pretoria Plant Sciences Formerly Botany. Prof J J Marion Now kindly impale your moronic coprse on a fucking hiv encrusted cactus and stop spreading your baseless bullshit without bringing any fucking backup. Or rather just kindly shut the fuck up because you've literally only done the job of convincing me that nothing you have to say is of any actual value. Horticulture. WOW! SCIENCE!!! Motherfucker you know if you walked into an actual phytomedical lab we'd laugh you out of the fucking building, because we'd spot right then and there that nothing you had to say was of actual value. You are DEFINITELY not understanding your fucking subject matter, because a single clover, has 3 leaflets, these are not leaves, mr moron, sorry if its uncomfortable for me to tell you you're an idiot at every turn but it only seems fair because i had to listen to your fucking stupidity being puked into my face, each node will then have 5 leaves, according to someone above me, whom i'm willing to assume is correct, which are LINKED IN NUMBER MR MORON To cotyledon count Now, that I cans ee that you're finally understanding something RELATIVE YOU DUMB FUCKING FUCK I'm going to simply watch you take offence to what I am saying and try to argue against the facts and a reality that makes hierarchical sense. Really there are no antinodes, yeah and there isn't an anti you either, because you'd never thought that far or studied mathematics and related it to every single other thing in the world, because that would be LAUGHABLE RIGHT? Yeah this is getting ad hominem, but fuck you anyway wanker for making me waste my time to have to tell you how completely stupid you are stamp collector. You know that a mathematician could replace every member of staff in your building and predict every single discovery you will ever make in an afternoon right? Seriously i'm so fucking disgusted right now by what you've attempted to say that I might just have to rub shit in my eyes to purge the memory of seeing complete and utter retardation in its purest form from myself and give my body a real problem to deal with instead of trying to re educate a fucking 'horticulturalist' on why he's of no worth to our society. motherfucker your level of half arsedness disgusts me, and that fact that you'd have the fucking balls to even call what you have a degree warrants the burning of your fucking university to the ground for having the balls to scam you into thinking you're fucking educated. oh and don't fucking bother replying asshole.

here is the pasta OP is referring to

of course the top reply to that was

whoa, this is like the gardener version of the navy seal copypasta

i love it

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