Rare MMLP2 era photoshoot

I guess you don't understand the proper application of the word rare here. You're being a little short sighted. I'll explain.

You see, OP's title indicates that the photoshoot itself is rare and not the availability of the photos themselves. You seem to think it's all about how many people have seen the photos, but if you read the title again, then compare that to how many photoshoots Eminem may have done for SNL during this era, well then the definition of the word becomes a little more clear and accurate.

One. He did one shoot for them. And this is it. Thus making this, indeed, a rare photoshoot as OP described.

But sure. I'm "retarded" as you so shamefully misused it. Great understanding of that word as well. Really nailed it.

This discourse has been the lowpoint of my week. Thank you.

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