Why do I rarely meet guys that want a relationship and always attract guys that just want sex

Anyone who says suck it up sweetie to someone after they talk about things that are so hard for them to deal with that they to tried kill themselves multiple times over it is just not okay at all. Yeah you have no idea what’s its like being a girl who has to lay there and can’t defend herself or fight back and now has to deal with men who are addicted to sex and can’t go for more than a few weeks without having and go fuck other girls when I’m scared enough of sex and now they act like this. It’s very immature to compare traumas and not okay to respond with you minimizing the hell I’ve gone through. How would you feel if I said suck it to you getting molested???

This all very recently happened to me and I still try to end my life over it and tried to two days ago. It’s affected me to much that I drink alone in my room every night because the pains unbearable so thank you for responding this way.

I’m sorry you had to go through all of that and I hope you’re doing okay

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