Rate boost in packing.

I currently do single-pack on a 100 per-hour rate. I used to scan the spoo first, but received a coaching later on. I was told to scan the item, find and package the recommended box, and THEN scan the spoo before sending it down the line. I think the reason I’ve received a coaching was because I was scanning the spoo labels first and applying it directly to an un-opened box. I would also slightly cover the spoo label with Amazon tape (not enough spacing in the box) and I would sometimes send the wrong-size box (because once you scan the spoo label, and realize that the item doesn’t fit on the recommended box, you’re unable to change the box size). I guess I was flagged for that and was considered a kickout for SLAM. Basically, scanning the spoo is a bigger risk than scanning it last, though, I managed to keep rate while keeping spoo’s last. Better safe than sorry.

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