rather unfortunate that i have to waste my teenage years playing a gender role i never asked for

You are who you are. There is no right way to be a femboy.

You can start with little things nobody except you can see. You could go for a more feminine or androgynous smelling deodorant for example. If anybody asks you could say you wanted to try something different. You could go for socks that are unisex maybe with some kind of pattern you like. It doesn't matter.

Be who you want to be. There is no judge measuring your femininity. Everyone can be a femboy. Every race, every gender. It's about who you are on the inside.

Of course it might be hard on you right now. People keep telling you how you should look. But you will be independent one day. Try to Look Forward to that day. It will be worth all the hardships.

Best of luck to you <3

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