[RAW SPOILER] the Bellas don't sound very happy with WWE

They should have had women legends, I agree 100%.

Becky and Bayley having their match scrapped sucks big time. I agree.

But for the Bella’s to act like they somehow had any impact of a “women’s revolution” at all is as laughable as Stephanie taking credit for the women’s revolution. Brie was constantly injuring people. Nikki was a mid heel champ. I never got their hype or why they’re viewed as legends. Just do not get it.

They didn’t mention Sasha because she walked out of the company. Same reason they didn’t mention Punk. It’s not because she’s too over. They showed Jericho and Sting.

But they were right that there should’ve been more focus on the women. Even a moment with Charlotte, Becky, and Bayley would’ve been nice. But everything else, they just sound dumb.

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