[Raw Spoilers] Brothers showing their support

People don't care about me, I don't care about them, simple as that. Respect is a two way street.

You waxing poetic about yourself and woe as me just solidifies it. No one cared about how your head works

"I really hope you're just very young and ignorant and maybe you'll grow out of it" - You, you fucking moron.

while still maintaining an inability to openly express that this is an awful thing that happened to Roman

I've said this in multiple threads, I hope he powers through it. Bam, what the fuck else do you want me to fucking say? Want me to fucking start a #DicksOffForRoman movement where we all buy Roman Superman fists and then pound our dicks off with them in tribute?

continue to be selfish on the matter by flippantly stating that he's not at any risk because he has a lot of money

Because money solves any fucking problem, it'd solve any of mine. I could leave this house, get my head shrinked and become a respectable human being if a ton of money fell into my lap.

I don't wish to have any more discussions with you.

Fine. Block me, ignore me, whatever you want, you aren't forced to hear this shit. This is a public forum.

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