[RAW spoilers] A little perspective on the big announcement from tonight

I havent watched raw in a few weeks but im thrilles to hear about this all womens ppv. Fantastic idea.

That being said, its weird how WWE has gotten themselves to this place where the ethics of their product is almost a bigger deal than the quality of it.

Nothin wrong with that per se, just trying to wrap my head around it, because they are clearly self aware about it. They know they can shove things down peoples throats at ridiculous lengths as long as they look socially woke in the process.

It makes me wonder if theyve tapped into an idea we will see more on tv. Like will we see over the top preachy tv shows (sort of like full house, family matters, etc) takeover network TV with new progressive message? Will that be a big focus of smackdown of fox? Pushing fox and wwe's values? Its clearly working for them now.

"Philanthropy is the future of advertising" is such a telling quote from Stephanie. She's not playing this game like her predecessors. And wrestling is being seen as main stream and legitimate for it too.

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