[RAW Spoilers] Meltzer comments on last night's angle involving Roman

I like Roman but everytime there's a 'MakeRomanLookStrong' moment or 'Royal Rumble Entree 30' incident, his supporters act like the reason people dislike him is for his wrestling. Like how Meltzer defended his 4.25 of Roman/Cena by saying people cant admit he's a good wrestler.

Then there comes the posts that try to evoke sympathy like 'Dont hate Joe Anoia, Dislike Roman' or 'I feel bad for Roman because its not his fault'. Of course we shouldnt hate the man for his character and of course it sucks he gets bad booking but Im not gonna feel bad for him when he's being super pushed over everybody else. After Mania when he becomes the first to kick out of the F5 and beats Brock, these posts will be everywhere.

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