You’re all hypocrites: Why it’s a colossal cop-out to keep blaming Canada’s sky high emissions on Alberta

It is relevant when you are involved with planning and maintenance. There’s a great deal of study to be done and just because you’re not an academic doesn’t mean you aren’t competent. In my opinion, that’s rather narrow minded and I’d be interested to hear what your qualifications are. You may very well be more qualified that I am by your definition but please share.

And you’re right, my original comment however to keep this on track was related to SO2 Emissions which are a concern of their own with their own issues. Our regulatory practices and infrastructure regarding flaring are certainly ahead of Russia and that’s into we can all dig up. A better comparison in my opinion, would be with nations that have a comparable or greater level of economic development and GDP correlated by how much of their economy is resource based. A good example of a country where your dollar would have more punch in regards to making the industry greener would be along the east side of the Arabian peninsula. When you factor in wealth, weather patterns, volumes of flaring, and the prospects of controlling your emissions through the use of sulphur recovery, that is where the biggest change can be made in the world.

In my uneducated opinion. ;)

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