Re-Do on Session Zero Turned out better but there's still some complications

Summary: The PCs are hired to “Hunt” whoever abducted a small group Fennec Foxes, In Sahara Africa to be sold as pets. The hiring agent tells them the dark net site on which the animals were sold as pets (because without this bit of info it’s hard to get the investigation started). By running a trace (I can’t find anything in the book about a PC being able to run a trace. Trace is only referred to as a result of ICE. So, I may be making a custom “Trace” move unless any of you know where I might have over looked that in the book.)* the hacker even with a 6- can find that the website is run from somewhere in Hong Kong with a better role the location becomes more accurate straight down to a physical address for the server and admin computer systems. They (will likely) travel to Hong Kong and through investigation (or a good computer trace) are able to locate the exotic animal fencers (it’s not important how they find them if they get to Hong Kong and attempt any kind of investigation I can make this up on the fly. The easier route though is if one of them declares a contact.) After finding the animal fencers and doing some “creative questioning” (this is a good chance for the killer to “play hardball”) or finding physical/digital documentation of the transaction (Paying money for the Foxes) they discover it was brought in by rail from Northern Africa. Logic Gap I have some additional Ideas to fit into the story but here in this logic gap I’m not sure how to provide the clues that would guide the PCs to discovering. And to be quite honest I just think it’s cool but it’s not really necessary for them to complete the mission. The Clutch filed a petition to the Government of Africa to expand their drilling into the Fennec Fox habitat but it was denied Freedom Corps inserted themselves in the situation to make sure that The Clutch didn’t try to influence the national committee with bribery or coercion. This implants the idea or possibility that The Clutch hired the poachers to get rid of the Fennec Foxes. In fact if the PCs want to dig deeper they can find Hard copies or soft copies in The Clutch database of papers petitioning a new survey of the Fennec Fox site where the poaching occurred and another petition to drill when no Fennec Foxes are found in the area.

The hacker can work from Mars but I plan to give him a -1 Forward due to the lag time for the signal to get from Mars to Earth and vice versa. I’d rather the player travel to Earth for the mission. This remains a challenge for me. When I started writing this my intent was to have the Poachers escape to Mars but as it developed my flow of thought start to take another path and slowly I came to the decision that I’m not going to force a story that forces 3 players to travel to another planet just to join the 4th player. I’ll present the mission and the Player can figure out how he wants to handle that. So as this develops any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Oh and sorry if all the side-bars I shoved into the middle of sentences made it a little hard to read. Maybe I should have done it with reference markers and then put the notes at the bottom instead of right in the middle of the paragraph.

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