Re: How do you stay confident?

go wade through greenlight and pick out some 'good games with bad graphics' for us.

Since "good game" is entirely subjective, I will show successfully greenlit games instead.

Since "bad graphics" is also entirely subjective, you will have to sift through them yourself to determine which are "bad" and which are merely "mediocre" or "acceptable" or "good enough".

In order of first found, first linked:









All of this was just on the first page. It is certainly not even the worst on greenlight. Just the first few games that popped up on my screen when I clicked "Greenlit - Released".

And I won't even mention the Large Number of Minecraft Clones

You can find all kinds of things which are successfully greenlit.

Even games that look like some flash game from 20 years ago.

I almost couldn't believe you asked me to wade through greenlight to pick out some bad graphics.

Then again, I guarantee anything I select, you will immediately judge as either NOT a good game or NOT bad graphics. Since this is entirely subjective, I cannot win the argument.

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