“We’Re OpPrEsSeD ToO”

Tbh do most guys even care that much when they read such things? There's still hundreds of millions of men that, simply, do creepy things and are scary. A bit less that are dangerous. But regardless, there is no self-awareness usually.

Like, in the meantime, women have internalized criticism like crazy and so often bend over backwards so they don't perpetuate it, even in ways that actively hurt themselves because the vast majority of criticism leveraged towards women people act like is fucked up and evil, but usually it's baby-tier shit that lands them in horrible relationships.

Men in the meantime just...victim blame. They mock and tear down women all the time over stuff that isn't even meaningful at all or act like women having dating preferences is violence. You don't see them policing other men like this. They let the roving bands of men that constantly harass and catcalling women just do their thing, even celebrating them. They call themselves dogs and cheaters all the time, but sperg out when women act like they are and try defending themselves from this behavior.

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