‘We’re organizing to improve lives’: New York fast food workers push to unionize

You should probably do some research on the Swedish strikes they're referencing.

I'm aware of the affect the 1995 sympathy strikes by the finance and transportation unions in support of the retail unions attempts to negotiate with Toys R' Us in Sweden.

I'm also aware that Swedish labor is much different than American labor, and its labor force is almost entirely Union. Where the United States has various laws and regulatory bodies in place, labour unions in Sweden function as an essential means of law and regulation the workplace.

Fun fact: Sweden has no minimum wages. Minimum wages are established through negotiations with labor unions. That is how integral labor unions are to swedish labor markets.

Comparing swedish and American unions, their actions, expectations, functions, and results is misguided at best, and ignorant at worst.

their options were to give in and let the workers unionize, or shut down.

They ultimately relented and in keeping with Sweden's entire labor market, unionized - with Sweden being the only location where they had employees non-unionized... as a result of Sweden's unique labor market.

However, as we all know, ultimately all Toys' R' Us stores completely closed in 2018 after filing for bankruptcy.

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