I was re-watching some old episodes of critical role with my friends, and let’s just say it was pretty weird seeing him again.

That last bit makes a lot of sense, actually. Even though I don't think it justifies alot of the posts, I can understand the sentiment.

To be honest, I was unaware of any sexual harassment, that certainly takes things up a notch.

As for the charity streams, deplorable. To play devil's advocate for a bit longer though, I had always attributed (not excused) a portion of his post-CR behavior to a man in bad physical and mental health who was just separated from a blooming business, doing something he's clearly passionate about, and most likely a large portion of his friend circle and working community.

Lastly, the part about all this that bugs me is that he definitely has enough going on to reach the classification of shithead, it certainly feels like the really harmful aspects of his character (not Tiberius) are NOT what is on the forefront of the minds of those who make these posts. I don't the community at large knows the gritty details of Orion (I was very nosey about all this when it was happening and I'm learning things today). It definitely feels like real hatred towards a man for his impact on the game and stream.

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