Re: What is going on with the recent of low-effort, “look how much money I have” posts in this sub?

I really despise this whole “just scroll past it” argument for a number of reasons.

1) it shouldn’t be my job to filter out the bullshit via excess scrolling when moderators have the ability to remove a post in two clicks.

2) leaving low-effort posts up encourages others to follow suit. You’ll see this happen when one post of a certain camera blows up, followed by other people posting the same camera without any sort of context that makes it interesting / separates it from the last post.

3) I do scroll past a ton of bullshit, literally every time I hop on this sub and sort by “new”. And yet, when I come across a camera that’s interesting to me, I check the comments, and more often than not, there is no information/context of the gear from OP.

I’m fine with people being excited about / wanting to share their gear. But you have to realize, we’ve mostly all seen all of these cameras before. Think about it – they’re film cameras, they’re old. We’ve seen a Pentax 6x7. We’ve seen a Canon AE-1. We’ve seen a Yashica T4. So why on earth should we leave posts about these cameras up if OP isn’t going to make it unique? Oh right, because expensive camera make upvotes go brrr.

I don’t understand how actively removing low-effort posts is in any way gatekeeping or being too restrictive. If an OP doesn’t want to put the effort in, then why are they posting it? Validation? Upvotes? Neither of those are acceptable reasons to leave a post up IMO.

It’s not about gatekeeping n00bs, it’s about encouraging quality content on the sub. The sub is large enough that no one will miss or notice low-effort posts being removed. And if an OP can’t be bothered to put in a little effort, why should they get to keep their post up?

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