Reactive Dogs Daily Updates [May 30, 2017]

I haven't updated much because we are pretty busy recently. I want to update because Niko has been good and maybe when you read this you can feel a little more hopeful (i always feel good after reading you guys' progress).

Niko is doing good. Really good. We have been taking him for long walks recently. I was very nervous before started long walks. He hasn't walked more than 2 clocks from home for months. But because his diet, he has a lot of more energy so we had to try. It turns out he loves it and he is really good. He is okay with people, bikes, he can walk pass dogs without getting too excited, or he will wait several feet away for other dogs to pass. We hanged out in a coffee shop out side a dog park and had lunch in a restaurant last week. This week we went to a very busy park and town on memorial day. During all these adventures, he only barked twice when we were in the restaurant. It turned out he was a little protective of his first doggie icecream :)

He still has problem with skateboards and police riding segway. But even he barks, i feel he can calm down much faster. Last friday (super nice day so it was crazy), he barked at a kid running towards us but suddenly stopped right in front of us. 2 second later, a dog walked passed us. Niko and that dog sniffed each other for 2 seconds and we walked away. 2 seconds later, a bike almost hit us (stopped sharply 2 feet from us) but he didn't bark!

Saturday we went for a daycare evaluation. I don't plan to take him to daycare but because we are moving soon, we might need to drop him to daycare. He did very good. His stress stacked up a little afterwards but I think he recovered pretty fast.

I am not sure what contributed this (maybe a lot factors) but I am happy that he is happy and more relaxed. Hope you all have a nice week!

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