Ready 3.. 2.. FK..

Why would I be angry that you’re a pathetic loser. You even managed to confirm that you have nothing better to do, and you don’t see this as wasting your own time because you have nothing else to do. You’ve made the mistake of presuming that I have anything invested in you, which I don’t. There’s no rage or new low I’ve sunk to. That’s something you’ve imagined and invented in your own head. Because in your most creative fantasy, you’ve managed to enrage me. You haven’t. In fact, I told you I was having fun playing with you.

Ever see a dog or cat keep its prey in its mouth, just to entertain itself? They’re having fun. I’m having fun at your expense. And you keep giving me more and more material because you have nothing better to do.

Have some fucking respect for yourself. Coming back again and again is don’t doing you any favors.

But do know I’m growing quite bored of you. Because picking on you is just too easy. You’re so pathetic that it isn’t even fun anymore. It’s just sad. So this will be the last time i respond to you.

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