Ready for duty?

Well life is kind of depressing if you look at it a certain way. It's sweat and drudgery until you die; that's the way it's always been. Survival takes work. In the days before civilization most of every day was spent hunting/gathering/making clothes/tending to shelters, because it had to be. Now we live in specialized societies and work for wages or salaries. Our jobs tend to be safer than hunting and gathering. We both do our jobs sitting in air conditioned offices. We eat better than our ancestors, and generally live better while doing less work than they did. That ain't bad. And, of course, nobody's life needs to be defined by the drudgery portion of it; it shouldn't be defined that way.

Life takes work, and somebody had to do work to create literally every single thing you own or enjoy, whether it's your house, or your PlayStation, or your car, or your lunch. That doesn't need to be inherently depressing.

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