Real Debrid vs Premiumize 2018

Used RD for a over a year, worked great. They had downtime once of a few days, it never impacted me, but they credited everyone several days of RD for the issues. I don't know what issues people are having with reauthorizing, I had to reauthorize once when I used my account in another location and then returned, otherwise it was fine. RD works best with hosters, so if you use exodus redux, go with RD 100%. Even with gaia/seren it works well, but apparently PM is supposed to be better.

I just signed up with PM, but their service has been broken for the past week. It's being worked on, but still isn't working properly, they haven't mentioned it on their Twitter or Facebook, but look in their subreddit and you'll see all the posts. Their hoster support is worse than RD, so if you use exodus redux, don't bother. If you use Seren/Gaia, this is *probably* the better choice, I can't vouch for that since their service hasn't worked properly since I signed up.

The extra features on PM are only a benefit if you'll use them. I have no need for the voip or VPN (doesn't work with US netflix), so it's a moot point. But if you need those, then it might be a selling point. Overall I think RD is a better deal.

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