The real explanation is simpler

You realize you’re literally saying the left creates caricatures of the right while doing exactly that right? Your entire comment doesn’t actually address any of the points he made and instead attacks the left by building them up to be something you’ve already decided they are. We don’t understand our opponents? You’re trying to tell me the left parrots corporations the same day democrats introduce a plan to repeal citizens united so that corporate money DOESN’T interfere with politics. The view I’ve developed of Republicans is based on things like supporting a president who puts children in cages, one whose openly racist and tells members of Congress to “go back to there own countries” when they were born in America. Your party is blocking election security bills after it’s been shown a foreign state massively influenced our last elections.

I don’t have a problem with conservative views, I agree with a lot of them, but the Republican Party doesn’t actually stand for conservative values anymore. They lie to your face claiming they do while making themselves richer by selling you out. THATs why people treat you the way they do and think that republicans are a joke nowadays. Not because of the “hurr durr trump is bad” memes.

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