As a real leftist if you asked me about Raimondo I'd have bad things to say but she's dealing with the Virus better than maybe any other governor. Also, wear a mask.

Is this a gen z thing? I’ve only ever seen it used in a demeaning or derogatory context, especially online, among “conservatives” addressing anyone one who votes on the left of the American political spectrum (typically for the Democratic Party). I say this as someone who has voted Blue in multiple elections.

I think the nuance of my point is getting lost - I understand that it is a technically correct term in political science/discussion. I simply think it is more often incorrectly used as a label in political attacks but maybe I’m biased since you never tend to hear the world IRL.

If someone were to ask me how I politically identify I wouldn’t say “I’m a leftist.” I guess it just sounds awkward since it’s a term that has been co-opted by bad actors.

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