This Is The Real Reason Conservatives Love Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

I hate to tell you this but just because someone doesn't share your opinions does not make them a troll.

THAT SAID... I took a stroll thru your post history to see why you were so fussy, and found quite a gem that made my day. no wonder you don't like my feelings on welfare, you're most likely a welfare case. you're def broke, but ironically, you can afford ecigs. :)

among AN ALARMING number of ask Reddit posts (jesus get some friends), from a month ago in /r/depression that was a really enjoyable read. I won't make fun of it seeing as you appear to be super fucked up. get some help bro.

Same shit, different year. I managed to stay not homeless for the past year so I guess that's something. Though in the process I lost just about every relationship I had, all I have left is you, reddit. Is that sad or what? Damn, why did I buy food. lol. I'll probably be getting forty bucks tomorrow.. or the next day.. but not tonight. And even then, even if I make it to work and put the money in my tank then what? That gets me about four more days, three days short of payday. A payday which after rent leaves me with a hundred fifty, take out the forty bucks I'm borrowing, a hindred for gas and that leaves me with just enough for a happy meal. hahaha.

Why keep trying to not be homeless? I was starvibg then, I'm starving now. At least then I didn't have to kiss my boss' ass and take their constant belittling in a dead end job to get enough hour$ to keep my tent.

Fuck this man, I'm ready to just walk away, I've lost all social skills and any social connections. I probably need help, I used to think it was worth trying to find. Now days, I just figure I won't be missed.

A girl smiled at me today so that was nice.

Been there, I spent about a year living out of the back of a van. Another year or so living in other modes of transportation. I'm trying for a place to call home, somewhere stable, somewhere the family can visit for the holidays. If I must, I know the routine.. but i just want to be your average joe at this age, 2 kids, a wife and maybe a riding lawn mower.

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