A real shirt you can buy...

Well analyzing the Nazi secrets are really close to Mayan as well, our Civilization contains most likely the answers for Star Tracking and Listening to them. I think you do a nice example of an investigation even if we lack of the old fashionable ways of attending a Doyle behavior. Which is identified as a huge need to have a companion for opening dialogue over anything he does before, otherwise there's almost no documentation without the son of a What. Like there's no company on Cast Away without the son of a Will... which actually gives the actor Will to act and do more!

It's essential under people who is this alone, but we move forward. I think the latest pip of the pop pick is the RaT'zinger Tz'i same with my Mayan Tz'i which is exactly number 9 at 1990 May 21. That's the main reason why I felt chosen at the same time they said I was getting rejected just like the Oracle said to Neo in the Matrix.

I got really far, and also I know Hitler pointed Costa Rica during the time we declared War, and he knew somehow I was getting in here.

Now such symbols of Revolution like Che Guevara or Hitler himself who is almost a Fascist Dictator were exalted to say in a way, by God as well because no one gives power to someone in that way for nothing... and besides the wrong doings we found a better hope for the state of Europe in these times.

I think you do a great Job, and I felt really enlightened before when I was starting with the feeling and notion I was really anointed and I could write better and had more energy to do many things!

Now Cucumberbatch this story became just an example of how the World is and how sad the mundane acts of them can eventually lead me to no salvation for my soul even when being so expensive at the whole!

It's difficult to battle the ignorance of a 3rd World Country which wants to test you more! Because you fucked a lady or something, and that's sad... I wish I would have commit any of the acts these people want to blame me for!

But it's a work of Mankind to throw away anything that's beautiful or has a name, and therefore we understand such instances and acts and I really look forward to enter the acting scene and the musical as well as the scientific and all the others I can attend during any traveling.

I think the last hope is for the Vatican to give the new because it will give me tranquility among the media and also I'll feel it's official and my immunity is under cover with them as well as my Saint position which is a Posture really heavy to take and I try to use porn and jokes to mitigate the reality of living under such weird operation where I don't know what happens behind.

You're a nice fella, I look forward to meet you all. Thanks for the time reading, I don't like the Shirt I am Heterosexual for sure, and some Traps got me tempted. :)

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