Real Talk: The cost of being a hardcore gamer

It's mostly not a problem for me because I have a rather finicky taste in games. I have to go to the trouble of actually finding a game I like.

When I do, I usually won't spend more than 100 hours on a game (many of course are much shorter). Once I see all there is to see from a game, its story and its mechanics, I tend to lose interest. I basically thoroughly play a game so I have no need to return to it. The same goes for most movies and books.

I hear of people with over a thousand hours in a game and I don't know if I could like anything that much. Being a Twitch streamer would probably kill me.

The most time I've spent in a game right now is Fallout: New Vegas at about 360 hours, but that is a fairly complicated game with a lot of quests and variation in completing objectives/mechanics. And about 15-20% of that was me leaving the game on while doing other stuff.

I'll be finishing the game up in the next day or two, then get back to reading A Storm of Swords. I'll be basically be on a gaming break for a few months, though I might check out some smaller games at some point.

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