Reality Steve

LOL I know. I just had to say it, but honestly I'm not even one of those people who needs receipts to believe stuff in every instance. I know, though, that most do. The Jenna/Jordan crap was pretty uninteresting to me. Anyways, here's how you do it if you have an iPhone: download the "imgur" app to your phone. You don't need an account. For each screenshot, you may need to crop out the top and bottom to hide anything that may identify you. Next, on each screenshot press "edit" then press the little circle with the 3 dots and then press "markup." Black out the phone number and names that will incriminate someone. When all the screenshots are censored, go to imgur app. You don't need to sign up or anything, you can upload as a guest. On the top right corner hit the + symbol, when it asks you to sign in, press "later." Click on the photos you want to upload then press "next." On the top of the upload, make sure the pull down says "hidden" then press "upload." Seems like a lot of steps, but it's really pretty easy. When you've finished uploading options will pop up for you to "copy link." You can then copy and paste the link into a comment on this thread. Or, create a new post altogether and post the link. Hope that helps.

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