I really don't see what makes Denna so special to Kvothe

I made a thread on here a while back about people thinking Kvothe's love interest might be Auri. I would have a big problem with that connection unless she snaps out of her broken state. Her mind is broken and it essentially makes her a child. Some people made the argument she is brilliant, but that's besides the point. Some children are geniuses but their understanding of love and emotions is not the same as an adult's no matter how smart they are. If Kvothe were to get with Auri I'd view it as a bit sick on his part because it'd be taking advantage of someone who emotionally doesn't fully understand those feelings.

On a less serious note and more on point with your OP, Kvothe, at this point in the story doesn't know Auri is a master namer or alchemist so it wouldn't be something to attract him to her. He definitely suspects she has some abilities he's unaware of but he still doesn't know what they are.

That being said. I see your problem with Denna. Yeah they both like music and yes they are both witty and a bit broken in their own ways. But unless during some out of scene time they spend together they actually connect I don't see how he could be in love with her. Basically at this point they keep going on first dates over and over again. They don't talk about serious stuff (unless Denna is high as balls), they don't kiss, and they both date other people. If this were real life it'd be as if they were perpetually stuck on the first date, and only a weirdo like Ted Mosby (sorry for the How I Met Your Mother reference) says I love you on the first date. To me, I repeat, unless there is a LOT of off screen stuff that goes on between them where they actually talk and connect it seems to me Kvothe's "love" is closer to infatuation and by the time he's a little older he should have realized this and gotten over it.

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