Really enjoying Moira, can anyone give me some tips, please? For one, is there a trick to regenning your healing? The game does not explain it at all haha.

damage u do to enemy heros refills your healing gauge. keep ur healing orb on standby if theres a point in a match where ur struggling to get healing juice off enemies because damage orbs dont refill your healing juice. if ur running low, try to get up close to get some juice, while staying mostly in fade range of ur team so u can retreat with it if need be. dont use ur fade to get the jump on enemies, ur a squishy 200 hp hero so u should try to save ur fade for getting away from enemies as opposed to getting to them. u can also jump at the end of your fade to keep ur momentum and get launched out of your fade. also, heal orb heals 5.0 health a second, damage orb deals 4.5 dmg a second. so when in doubt, heal orb

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