I really want this game to be released now but at the same time I appreciate how the devs are taking their sweet time to perfect it. Much dilemma.

So you're just gonna give bungie a pass after they came out with a $60 game with barely any content, just because there was paid dlc afterwards? That was the main issue about Destiny 2, the one that had everybody pissed: it was the D1 situation all over again, except that this time it was a huge regression from the place D1 was when it came out.

Independent bungie will 100% resort to DLCs and season passes. A small company still needs to survive, and Destiny is a AAA: that costs a LOT to develop. If you want free expansions, that's not gonna happen.

I just hope that the base game will be good, this time, but I won't buy it at launch that's for sure.

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