I really do hope you vote with your wallets. You should regardless of your stance.

I am definitely not buying. I've settled for mediocrity for far too long. I didn't buy USUM, didn't buy LGPE, and i won't be buying Sword/Shield. I wanted to really get back into Pokémon with these games, start breeding my favorite Pokémon, fill out the Pokédex. Maybe start shiny hunting!

I wanted to get a Switch just for this game alone. The only reason i even own Nintendo consoles was because of Pokémon. I think i'm gonna go back to playing stuff like the Souls series & Bloodborne, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy. Maybe i'll return to games i haven't played in a long time.

I don't think i'll ever return to Pokémon honestly. Maybe i'll watch the anime, maybe get back into the games when they're finally up to standards. I don't know.

Pokémon can be so much more. But as long as GameFreak makes the games, it will never be. They've put minimal effort into the games since 6 years, since XY/ORAS. I'm tired of it. GameFreak needs to go, or not release the games yearly. Pokémon is one the highest grossing franchises of all time, yet the newest games look outdated. The animations are still lazy. They have given no valid reasons for cutting the Pokédex down.

They've remove more features than they introduce. It's honestly just sad.

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