Really lost on what to do

Its because my campus has more grade deflation but is known for being a huge feeder campus for med school. Wanting to go to med school has been my choice, regardless of family expectation, but I’m scared that seeing the way things are, that my science gpa might be really bad/my chances are diminishing especially as there are already applicants with perfect GPAs.

Looking at this scenario, I’m scared because if I don’t get in, I invested so much time and resources in doing all of the necessary ECs and research to get in. I personally am not completely interested about my major, but the caveat to this is had I pursued something I was interested in, my gpa would be much lower. It’s also frustrating because I know it wasn’t my work ethic, but the fact I didn’t put in so much time trying to get into premed organizations and therefore have access to the tests which screwed me over.

I know a sign of adulthood is being able to recognize mistakes and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m not sure if it’s that I’m horribly burnt out that I’m unable to make this decision, or if I’m even on the right path. My options are essentially to pursue another life science, so bio, physiological science, etc. or sociology. The problem with these is that although these are common premed majors at my campus, they’re less usable than my current major.

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