I really want to move to New York, how should I go about it?

Awesome thought piece, but I’ve been here broke and I’ve been here comfortably. Moving here to be broke was a lot more justifiable in 2004 than it is now. So ok $1200 lasts 2 months now what? Where does grandma live? Where’s OP gonna work? Read this post again without the rose colored glasses, what has OP actually told us? They’ve dropped out of college, want to come here with zero skills, zero plan and a savings that generously, would last at most 2 months. They have a place to stay, that’s the only positives here. I see a extreme lack of planning, goals, or drive. College and what jobs they can do with the skill set they haven’t mentioned are almost afterthoughts. None of this is ACTUALLY a problem, all I’m saying is learn some fucking shit first before you move to the most expensive place in the country. I’m not saying that you need to be rich, I’m not even saying that you need to be middle class, I’m saying that planning on moving here to be broke and pay for college on a low skilled job is a foolish impulse that is best ignored until OP completes a degree. You can disagree with that assertion, but we don’t need the NYC PR speech, the city sells itself it doesn’t need anyone’s help.

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