Is it really necessary for this kind of overpowered overlap to exist?

I can see your point for shotgunning and one shots beeing removed, but:

The conqueror fights (besides drox) are not the type of fights you should be able to stay and do nothing (hunter poison ground and warlords mana fields).

I feel it is a bit off to basicly do nothing (afk even) and assume that those kind of "endgame fights" will end well. The shotgunning shards are one of the most dangerous attacks, and tanking more than one or two of the overlapping shards will just obliterate most builds.

So I agree with an tweak on overlapping and shotgunning damage from one cast of any non-unique monster, just like it works with player casts.

However I would not apply it to mechanics like these fights, because you want to encourage gameplay instead of cheesing.

On the other hand they could up the damage for each shard (if not shotgunning would exist), but then it is much more fatal to get hit by one of these shards and destroys the advantage of players which position well.

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