I really want to do research in particle physics but I don't think I can learn much more than algebra

You definitely need mathematics. Have you studied quantum mechanics yet? That is one of the many prerequisites you need to know before starting with particle physics and quantum field theory.

Have you started university yet or are you in high school? I am just wondering because from your post it seems like it is the latter, in which case your only contact with QFT and particle physics must have been in the form of layman books/documentaries. These two areas have been, in my experience, one of the hardest modules I have ever taken, involving hard (albeit very cool) maths. If you are in high school, there is still a long way to go for your particular interests to change, so I wouldn't fixate my attention too much on that.

In either case, you need to work on you math skills, as they are essential to physics. You CANNOT express physics in plain English, unless of course, you are explaining a certain idea/concept. But how do you obtain said ideas? Getting up close and personal with the maths and the equations.

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