This REALLY struck me. What sex means to me as an HL. Thoughts?

Sorry to hear that. Again, I think it stems from both having a lonely and (in my case) disfunctional childhood. My husband is the only person I’ve been able to open up to and knows everything about me and vise versa. I couldn’t imagine being able to start over with someone else, building the same history would be impossible. I love him. If that’s what he needs to know that I love him, then that’s what he is getting. And turns out a lot of positive things happened because of it. I was always super self conscious but he likes to sleep naked. I’d throw on T-shirt’s and old pj bottoms to sleep. Not anymore. I’m so comfortable with him that it’s liberating and I’m getting better quality of sleep now that I also am sleeping naked. His saying is “that’s why they make robes”

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