Is this really a thing? Console players are mad because on PTS people testing new content?

You are trying your best to predict my comments in an effort to save yourself some embarrassment?

Nope, I'm standing behind what I said without those number My hunch is what I got.


you realize you had no facts to back you up and realized it long before you typed your comment about small and loud minority.

Nope, I got exactly same conversation million times (not literally so don't ask about numbers) as I said when I played Destiny 1 and TD1, "Games is Dead" "Game will be Dead" "My problem is so important, and because that game will be dead" "We are majority, listening to us!!!!" and other scary stories, guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED!

Another blow out of proportion "issue" by SMALL AND LOUD MINORITY.

you seem very annoyed by the "small and loud minority"

I'm a pitiful human, I react to thing and Yes I'm am to some point but don't worry I sleep well, at the end of the day it doesn't handicap my experience with game, just annoys me like that mosquito "BZZZZZ BZZZZZZ BZZZZZ" you understand?

the United States and many other countries wouldn't have gained their independence.

Bless their little hearts!!! Trump 2020!!!

But what that got with TD2?

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