You really have to try Pixels by yourself.

I completely hear what you're saying. I was Aux or die for a long time lol. Now, I knew how everyone loved to hate on the Pixel for not having a headphone jack. But, I just recently switched to a Google Pixel 4 XL, after being a long time LG fanboy (G3, G4, V30), and I've got to say that a USB-C to USB-C + 3.5mm adapter made my transition very seamless. The only thing I miss from the LG are, of course, the integrated DAC + AMP, and the SD card expansion. But, those are minor nuances for me since I can easily add an external SD reader to the USB-C port, or an portable AMP+DAC anywhere I desire that could dwarf the integrated LG version (although, obviously not nearly as convenient :) ). All it took was about 10 minutes for me to get used to the new adapter hanging from the phone, but otherwise this wasn't so bad of a switch (and, I was a die hard AUX 4 LYFE person lol).

Anyways, this is my opinion, and by no way should be taken as fact, or me saying "You're wrong" Just an honest response from someone who wouldn't dare move from Aux to someone who did and found it less nightmarish than anticipated.

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