Is this really what the mood of people living in Portland has become?

It's really interesting and frustrating how strong the "team" vibe is in Oregon.

Oregon this, Oregon that, if you aren't from here, meaning born here (even though most people who tout this hooplah aren't natives either, different conversation), then you're beneath us Oregonians.

I've had some really great interactions so far, and met some seriously down to earth, kick-ass people. On the flip side, there have also been weird stares, bitch tones of voice, passive aggressive whispering, etc. My god when we were waiting for our Oregon plates, it was astonishing how many people went out of their way to be nasty to us. I didn't realize being from Oregon gave people the right to forego basic common courtesy.

A friend of mine actually had someone who he was talking to, I believe it was a server, she was chatting him up and they were getting along towards the end of his meal. He mentioned living in California and he said the smile literally fell off her face and she handed him his check and left his table.

Like honestly?

Get the heck over yourselves. It is ridiculous and childish and seriously discriminatory. Oregonians aren't better than me, or anyone, for being from Oregon. Similarly I'm no better than anyone, for being from California.

Why do you think shit tons of Californians are moving up here, because they hate California? No! Well not all of them, I'm sure some of them hate the place. No, they're moving because shit tons of people moved to California and friggin raised the rents everywhere over the last how many decades. Same shit different day.

Californians understand exactly the sentiment, they're just not giant assholes about it to everyone they meet who's from out of state. Don't be mistaken, I know there are huge assholes in California, and everywhere, for that matter. The issues surrounding legal/illegal immigrants and the discrimination on that front, is super lame. California is not perfect. Not trying to say that. Just saying, WE GET IT. It sucks having to deal with rising rent prices, rising market prices for housing, getting bought out because people show up with cold hard cash and buy the shit in full. It happens every day down there. I don't understand how there can be this much animosity directed at people for being from a certain state. It's like a high school rivalry that people take extremely seriously.

I'm sorry. I didn't really get the option to choose where I was born. Grew up there, and got tired of living to work.

We bought a house in the mountains because we wanted to take a shot at having a real life with a yard and some space to grow without having to work for 900 years to be able to afford it. Frankly my whole family is down there and I miss the shit out of them, it would be awesome if we could have this life down there. But we can't. So here we are.

Thank you for reading my rant, and I apologize if I've offended anyone, it really isn't my intent to offend, more so to provide perspective from my side of the picture. I realize many people will still think I suck, simply for being from California.

From my experience so far, it seems the majority (at least I hope) of Oregonians are seriously chill ass, awesome people, who are interested in living life and treasuring nature. I'm excited and hopeful to meet more of them and make friends.

TL/DR; hating californians is stupid and you should all get over it so we can be friends.

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