Reason #420133769 why I love my perm mute

Alright, i'll give you some context :)

I have been pmed a total of 14 times for my wild stalker KC/tier. The question either goes "What's your wilderness KC?" then "What tier is your wild stalker helmet/is that max?" the follow up question is always "can I see it?" "Can you show me your brag option" and "oh nice I wanted a wild stalker helmet like that, can we discuss boosting for one maybe?"

in the 14 cases, excluding this one since I wasn't able to actually reply to them, 14 out of 14 have asked for boosting services because they know me as the "pvp guy" on reddit, figuring if "anyone does this stuff" it must be me, now, how do I know that number? well, they've all paid outrageously high rates (25m/h) for boosting their wild stalker helms so it's a noteable experience, funds all my alts for a few weeks. Would you like some proof?

I've got lots of screenshots, since you're the only person that would see this lemme know how many you want for this.

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