This is the reason I can’t regress Vesa. She may not be in meta but she still does a great job.

HW- Mediocre damage, God tier damage buffer especially in longer fights Kroos- No damage, amazing damage buffer in short fights, amazing pvp aoe stun, unreliable 2 target heal that scales great with e3 teams (if it lands on the right target) Kamath- Low damage pvp cc unit (some armor debuff maybe?) Valk- modest damage all around unit that relies on her massive hp pool to do damage, scales extremely well into e3 Skerei- good damage with a single e3, Skerei tier damage (2-3 tiers above God tier) when you put 2,3,4 on the same team


Vesa- Modest damage with solid aoe heals that scale ok into e3 (used to be awful)

When Vesa is e3 and everyone else is 9* or 10* she has no trouble filling their health bar....they don't have much to fill. When you get e3's with millions of health she'll struggle more, but much better than she was pre-rework. Her damage is decent, especially for a healer, but will be negligible compared to something like Horus or multi-Skerei.

None of that means she's bad or should be regressed. She's actually quite amazing mid-game where her heals shine, she does well in aspen, and you can run a healer while still pulling some damage out of her slot. But, like everyone who is at end game, you'll eventually hit a point where her slot is better given to someone else.

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