Reason why ELO Boosting and Account selling won't stop: Is Riot Even Aware?

After reading nearly all of posts about that topic, I felt had to register (reading reddit about years ) reddit and write a comment. I am a Turkish guy that computer scientist plus dedicated gamer about 15 years. I noticed something realy weird about Turkish community on internet in these 15 years of gaming, surfing internet etc... Simply, Turkish community is totally toxic on internet. The reasons I believe this toxicty comes from are listed below:

  • Turkish culture doesn't get use to internet. What does it means? Internet is relatively new to Turkish people if you compare it with the most Europeans and Americans. Internet personality is topic that searching by many human behavior researchers. And many theories say that if you get use to internet ( observing the mentality of today's internet which is an communication servise like tv phone etc.. the internet personality converges to real personality.) So, as i said Turkish people are relatively new to internet and they still don't observe , assimilate to it. This fact generally creates behavioral disorders. For example: Thinking that internet is rule free environmet that gives person to endless rights on social interactions which causes freely humilate, and offensive behaviors etc..

-Turkish culture pleased with power. Jugdmental and contemptuous behaviors that make feel people have a power on someone. In a rule free enviroment ( that i mentioned in first reason ) it comes with handy.

I think seperating nations on lol servers relays on that reasons. If you look tr,ru, br you can see similar communities that share same problems that i mentioned. Also seeing more hacks , boosting ... etc on that servers are not a suprising fact. It relays on same problems.

In a conclusion, I think the main problem doesn't come from Riot Policy on that servers, problem comes from community that has to be seperated from others in the beginning.

Please don't take my theory offensive , I'm trying to make a self-critizim as a Turkish guy.

Sorry for my English as you see I'm not a native speaker and It's 03 am in here and possibly many spelling errors can be made.

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