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The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Item Ideas

Before reading this and getting mad about me suggesting names, visuals and texts, just know that I know also, and I think the choices I made for names just made a lot of sense in some cases. If Edmund Or anyone else working on rebirth views this post, I want you to know how much I appreciate reading this, and I hope I could provide at least some half decent ideas for items in the DLC. I am very fond of your game and if even at bare minimum, one item that I suggested get half implemented, (like maybe the name is different) I still would jump up and down in excitement for like a whole day because this is my favorite game ever, and I'm super pumped for this DLC. And anyone else reading this that likes the ideas, be sure to share this and give it thumbs up so they see it!

Name : Samurai Spirit Visual : Gives Isaac an anime "pulse" Effect : Occasionally shoot shurikens, which pierce and do much more damage, like tooth shot

Name : Lil' Duke Visual : A small Duke of Flies floats around the room like a peeper eye Effect : occasionally spawns attack flies which orbit him

Name : Isaac's Lent Visual : Isaac's lower half is cut, showing bones and blood Effect : +Damage, Flight, Red Creep Trail

Name : Guppy's Eye Visual : Isaac now has Guppy's left eye Effect : Every other shot, Isaac shoots tears similar to Blood Clot

Name : Shard Of Glass Visual : Isaac has a shard of glass in his head, with blood and his eyes wide open Effect : +Tears (like Number 1, but no range downs) Flavour Text : "Oww!!!11(one)"

Name : DLC Pack Visual : Isaac is smiling wide and his eyes are bigger Effect : All stats up, +Faith up Flavour Text : "Finally!"

Name : Samson's Wig Visual : Isaac has Samson's hair without the headband from Bloody Lust Effect : Isaac works identical to the old Bloody Lust from the original game

Name : Formaldehyde Visual : Isaac is browning grey, and looks like Sloth Effect : Formaldehyde Touch (new status effect - upon touch enemy's freeze and decay) Flavour Text : "Formaldehyde Touch!"

Name : Light Bulb Visual : Isaac has a light bulb above his head and is smiling Effect : +Damage, occasional Light Bulb Tears, which shatter and spread like Crickets Body Flavour Text : "Crunchy!"

Name : Big Boy Pants Visual : Isaac has huge pants on Effect : All stats up

Name : Kawaii Visual : Eyes shine and are huge, smiling Effect : occasional Sparkle Tear which Charms in splash damage

Name : Foreskin Visual : Isaac looks disgusted Effect : +2 Damage, occasional Fear Shot Flavour Text : "Nasty!"

Name : Hacker Visual : Isaac has a devious smile Effect : occasional Chip Shot (Computer Chip Shots shock enemies, (new status effect) ) Flavour Text : "I'll hak u m7!"

Name : School Boy Visual : Nerd Glasses, holding books, hair poking up Effect : Occasional Pencil Shot (Double your Damage and Piercing) Flavour Text : "Punctual!"

Name : Teddy Bear Visual : Isaac is holding a teddy bear Effect : Curse immunity +Shot Speed Flavour Text : "2spooky!"

Name : Bomb Buddy Visual : A familiar that looks like the visual effect of pyromaniac on Isaac Effect : Spawns random live bombs and regular bombs Flavour Text : "He's Crazy!"

Name : Cricket's Paw (Spacebar Item) Visual : None Effect : Turns one red heart into 3 black hearts Charge : None Flavour Text : "Convert!"

Name : Gold Digger (Shop Item) Visual : Isaac has hearts in his eyes Effect : Let's Isaac store Red Hearts over his others to form Gold Hearts which deplete 2x slower, much like the AAA Battery Flavour Text : "So generous!"

Name : Asbestos Visual : Isaac is green and moldy looking Effect : Poison Shot, and Poison Touch Flavour Text : "Tastes like death!"

Name : Black Rose Visual : Isaacs tears dripping on his face are black Effect : Damage + Evil up Flavour Text : "Spiky!"

Name : Broken Halo Visual : -Tears +2 Damage Effect : Isaac has pieces of a halo jammed in his head Flavour Text : "Holy crap!"

Name : Stubbed Toe Visual : Isaac is crying with his mouth wide open Effect : +3 Shot Speed Flavour Text : "Owowowowowowow!"

Name : Curse of the Bloated Visual : Isaac is bloody and shaped like a Bloat Effect : Isaac stomps around instead of walking now Flavour Text : "Kill it with fire!"

Name : Little Vis Visual : A familiar that resembles a Vis but is smaller in size Effect : this familiar walks aimlessly and randomly fires their brimstone laser at enemies Flavour Text : "Bwaaaaaa"

Name : Moms Shadow Visual : Isaac looks like he has a shadow of someone behind him and his eyes are open wide Effect : +Evil, Shot Speed, Damage Flavour Text : "Darkness lurks!"

Thank you for reading!

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