Recap of Klean's podcast with Nikita - Patch 12.11 delayed

You can run around with a meta FAL and whip that thing around like it's a fucking feather.

HAHA you obviously don't run the FAL because it's pretty trash but your sitting here saying it's OP. That truly made me laugh out loud. One you can't whip it around like it's a feather.. Two the recoil is so fucking trash that you will be aiming dead on someone 30 yards away and you'll still be missing 60%+ of your shit.

the lack of balance in Tarkov's gun balance.

Imagine wanting gun balance in a realistic survival shooter. Go back to MW2019. Should we balance guns in real life too to make it so there isn't any metas?

Running ergo is hardly any more useful or better AT ALL than low recoil builds.

Why are you complaining about the FAL being a feather when the recoil is completely trash if it's not useful at all? Contradicting yourself now.

ou can run meta HKs and FALs like they are fucking nothing.

No one runs the FAL anymore. News flash. Have you not played at all this wipe?

You can sprint around and pull the gun up in 0.1 seconds like it's nothing and the drawbacks are basically non-existent.

So your upset with the way the PMC handles guns in general.. Not the way they are balanced.....

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