A recap (and tips) from my first solo trip! (Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea)

Vietnam and Thailand you don't need to worry about costs at all. Everything is so cheap here. I'm in Vietnam right now and my dinner tonight cost less than $1 USD (big bowl of Bun Bo), and I bought a carton of beer for less than $10 USD and a pack of cigarettes for less than 50 cents. I also got a new 20L keg of water for $1 this morning that will last me a good 2-3 weeks.

I'm renting a 1 bedroom apartment for $400 USD per month including unlimited, super fast wifi, and it comes fully furnished. I could easily get by with a studio if I wanted to save a bit more but I mean, $400 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment is nothing so why not?

If I want something delivered the delivery fee is like 75 cents. I have a scooter so spend almost nothing on petrol to get around, but the times I've caught a Grab it's been like 75 cents to $2 depending on the distance.

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