The recent ban in Poland is nothing to celebrate

there is nothing we can realistically do to protect the fetuses right to life. Nature, god, the universe, random chance, whatever you want to call it, has selected it to die.

There is something we can do. Natural means as it appears in nature, if the fetus appears in nature in the woman’s womb and it’s left alone, naturally it will live and so will the mother. There is not thing natural about abortions. It’s a choice and it requires human interference. action needs to be taken, it’s actually the opposite of natural.

Why should she be forced sacrifice her autonomy, provide bodily resources, emotional recourses, financial resources, and undergo more trauma, more pain, more suffering?

Only because another life is at stake and everything you listed is subjective to the individual. Meaning pregnancy isn’t viewed universally by all woman as something horribly bad and painful. Most families intentionally have multiple children. Which proves my point.

The nazi’s viewed The Jewish race as the source of all German pain, financial and economic poverty, was all blamed on the Jewish people and look what happened. So because the woman is viewing the fetus as a “ burden, leech, life sucker, “ whatever u want to call it, I don’t see it is not a just reason to execute it.
Blacks were viewed as inferior beings as well, and slavery was the result. For us to label the fetus as a burden to the mother is the same subjective thinking that brought about slavery, white supremacy, nazi Germany and many other evils in history.

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